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Media Release: UCQ deplores Russian Federation as video emerges of a Russian Soldier decapitating a Ukrainian Soldier
April 12, 2023


The Ukrainian Community of Queensland Inc. (UCQ), in the strongest terms deplores the Russian Federation, and all people that support it, following the release of a video showing the brutal beheading of a Ukrainian soldier, originally shared in a private pro-Russian Telegram channel.

Over a period of 100 seconds, the video shows Russian soldiers slowly and gruesomely hacking away at the neck of a Ukrainian soldier with a combat knife. For the first few seconds, the Ukrainian soldier exclaims “It hurts, it hurts” as the Russians start cutting into his neck. For the duration of the video, the cameraman provides a commentary of their activity and their hate for Ukrainians. The voice instructs the soldier to cut off the head and sever the victim’s spine, urging him to complete the job since he has supposedly performed such acts before.The Russians, wearing white arm and leg bands, hold up the chest rig of the Ukrainian, showing the patches of the Ukrainian soldier before holding up his decapitated head.

It is important to remember that since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine over a year ago, other similar videos have emerged, seemingly showing atrocities such as a Russian soldier castrating a Ukrainian soldier, a Russian soldier raping a Ukrainian infant, and a Russian “Wagner” soldier being executed by sledgehammer by another “Wagner” soldier for having become a Prisoner of War.

Peter Bongiorni, UCQ President, has expressed his outrage and despondency at the inhumane act committed against the Ukrainian soldier, slaughtered for defending his country’s sovereignty. He stated that this act of barbarism is a clear violation of international law and basic human decency.

“It is disgusting that a society that breeds such heinous barbarism is permitted to have any kind of position of international authority – especially as the Russian Federation is currently the President of the UN Security Council.” 

“We call upon the Australian Government, and any other nation that respects the fundamentals of human dignity, to cease all interaction with the barbarous Russian Federation and to supply Ukraine with all appropriate assistance required to decisively remove all Russian troops and influences from Ukraine’s sovereign territory.”

Adam Miljenovic, UCQ Vice President adds “We also believe it is important to consider whether the barbarism exhibited by Russian soldiers is in line with Australian Values, and whether permanent visa bans should be placed upon any person that has supported – materially or otherwise – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

He also called on the international community to unite and condemn this heinous act. “The Russian Federation, and all complicit in supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, must be held accountable for their actions,” Mr. Miljenovic added.

 “The countless atrocities and crimes against humanity orchestrated by Russian soldiers and intelligence services across the world in the last 30 years have demonstrated that no amount of good faith diplomacy will rid them of their brutal methods. If other nations will not form a coalition of the willing to halt Russia’s barbarity in Ukraine, then Ukraine should be provided with the means to do so. Every hesitation, every pause and every attempt to negotiate just sees the suffering of Ukrainians prolonged.” 

Mr. Bongiorni emphasised the need for solidarity with the people of Ukraine during these difficult times. He called on all Australians and members of the Ukrainian community to stand together and support Ukraine in its fight for freedom and independence.

“Our hearts are with the soldiers and people of Ukraine and the family of the yet to be identified Ukrainian soldier who was killed in such a horrific manner,” Mr. Bongiorni concluded. “In Ukrainian, we wish him Вічная пам’ять (Eternal Memory).”

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Issued on 12/04/2023