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Roman Pavlyshyn OAM – 95th Birthday
October 7, 2017

Today Stephan Chomyn OAM, President of the Ukrainian Community of Queensland Inc., had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with Mr & Mrs Pavlyshyn.

Mr Roman Pavlyshyn OAM, co-founder of the Ukrainian Association of Queensland in 1949, turned 95 years of age on 3 October 2017.

Mr & Mrs Pavlyshyn have just moved from Brisbane to the Kalyna Care Ukrainian Nursing Home in Melbourne.

Stephan along with the Pavlyshyn’s son Marko and daughter-in-law Olya spent a lovely afternoon with Mr & Mrs Pavlyshyn, looking at photos and talking about the events and renovations that have happened in the last 2 years in the new Ukrainian Community Centre in Holland Park West, Brisbane.

Mr Chomyn, on behalf of the Ukrainian Community of Queensland Inc., wished our pioneers all their very best with their settling into their new residence, presenting them with a beautiful arrangement of flowers and a greeting from the management committee of the Ukrainian Community of Queensland Inc.

The current President discussed the plans for the future expansion of the Ukrainian Community Centre with our founding member. Mr Pavlyshyn and Mr Chomyn, both architects, both care about the future of the Ukrainian community.

Mr. Pavlyshyn who designed our first Community Centre and Church has passed on the batton to Stephan who has designed our Church projects and now the next Community Centre development.

Mr Roman Pavlyshyn was so pleased to see that the organisation that we was instrumental in establishing is in good hands, and will continue on with the same aims set some 68 years ago, for future generations to belong to and be part of.

We wish Mr Pavlyshyn a very happy 95th birthday and both Mr & Mrs Pavlyshyn all the best of health and happiness in their new home.

Многая літа!