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18th July 2010 – Ukrainian Classical Vocal & Piano Performance
December 22, 2010

Three local musicians from the Ukrainian Community of Queensland performed an “Introduction to Ukrainian classical vocal and piano music" at the 4MBS Performance Studio in Brisbane. This concert was organised by the Brisbane Music Performers’ Club on Sunday 18 July at 2pm.

A total of six acts were featured in the concert program and the first was a performance by Alison Saunders – Soprano.

The second act was the Woodwind Trio of Robin Powell (Oboist), Trevor Williamson (Bassoon), Graham Evans (Clarinet) performing “Clinq Divertissements – Transcription for Oboe, Clarinet & Bassoon No.2 – Mozart”.

For the next act the master of ceremonies called upon president of the Ukrainian Community of Queensland, Mr Stephan Chomyn to introduce the Ukrainian performance.

The president in his address said how proud he was to be able to stand before the audience to introduce the next act. He went on to say, “to have three talented solo performers of this calibre in your community is amazing, but to have them perform together is truly a special event”.

These three ladies all possess formal qualifications from Ukrainian Conservatoriums and Universities.

ABOVE: The first item performed was the song "Chervona Kalyno" (The Red Berries of Snow-ball-Tree) Music by B. Yanitskyj and Words by I. Franko. Likarisa Brooker (Dmitrieva) – Soprano and Iryna Penner (Panchenko) on piano.

The next item in the Ukrainian section consisted of two songs performed by Lyudmila Kelloway (Kravtsova) – Mezzo-Soprano with Iryna Penner (Panchenko) on piano. First song was called "Nichoho, Nichoho…" (Nothing, nothing…) Music by M.Lysenko and Words by M. Woronyj.

The second song was called "Bezmezhneje Pole" (Endless Field) Music by M. Lysenko and Words by I. Franko.

The third part of the Ukrainian section was a piano solo by Iryna Penner (Panchenko) and this piece was called "Kolyskova" (Lullaby) – piano arrangement by K. Myaskov.

ABOVE: To complete the Ukrainian section of the program was a wonderful rendition of a very popular Ukrainian folk song “Handzja” with Likarisa Brooker – (Soprano) and Lyudmila Kelloway (Mezzo-Soprano) with piano accompaniment by Iryna Penner.

The audience absolutely loved the Ukrainian performance.

Performers Profiles in brief:
Likarisa Brooker (Dmitrieva) – Soprano.

  • In 1996 she graduated from a Vocal faculty of Kharkiv Conservatorium, having acquired the speciality of “Opera singer, concert-chamber singer, teacher”.
  • From 1996 until 1998 she was assistant-trainee at Kharkiv Conservatorium.
  • From December 1998 until March 2010 she worked at Kharkiv Regional Philharmonic at the position of soloist-cantatrice of the highest grade.

Lyudmila Kelloway (Kravtsova) – Mezzo-Soprano.

  • In 1987 she graduated from Vocal faculty of UFA Music Academy as a qualified “Opera singer, concert-chamber singer, vocal teacher”.
  • From 1987 until 1989 she worked at Briansk Regional Philharmonic at the position of classical vocal soloist.
  • From 1989 until 1997 she worked as a lecturer of Voice at Krivyi Rih Pedagogical University.
  • From 1991 until 1994 she completed a post-graduate course in Theory and History of Pedagogy at Kharkiv University.

Iryna Penner (Panchenko) – Piano.

  • Graduate from Kharkiv’s Conservatorium and qualified as a music school Teacher and Concertmaster.
  • Worked in Ukraine teaching piano in music school, Concertmaster for classical ballet, played with ‘Izmir” symphony orchestra (Turkey) and had performed solo programme in Turkey, Poland and Germany.

ABOVE: Iryna Penner (Panchenko) – Piano, Likarisa Brooker (Dmitrieva)- Soprano, Robin Nugent – President of the Brisbane Music Performers’ Club Inc, Stephen Chomyn – President of the Ukrainian Community of Queensland Inc, and Lyudmila Kelloway – Mezzo–Soprano.

The following acts included Shirley Bennet and Marj Warry (Piano Duet), the Thomas Cantley Singers (a women’s community choir) and another woodwind performance by the trio.

After the concert members of the audience were treated to afternoon tea.

Our president is focused on involving more people from Ukraine in our community, and we welcome their involvement! We are very proud to have these talented people representing our community and promoting our Ukrainian culture amongst the broader community.

We looked forward to our classical singers performing at the Ukrainian Community Centre on Sunday 22 August 2010 for the Ukrainian Independence Day celebration.