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Malanka 2014 – Wrap-Up
January 21, 2014

What an amazing evening at the Ukrainian Community Centre on Friday 17 January 2014 to celebrate MALANKA 2014.

We would like to thank all our members and guests for attending our Ukrainian celebration, and supporting our community event.

Special thanks to all our volunteers, for the assistance they gave to make our MALANKA 2014 celebration a most memorable evening.

Firstly to those who made the Varenyky for the meal:

Marika Cuda, Mrs Bilyk, Mrs Careny, Mrs Chomyn, Marianna Stefaniw, Kateryna Miljenovic, Analyse Cuda, Platon Choptiany and Renata Choptiany.

Those who prepared the meal:

Thursday – Marika Cuda, Mary Hughes, Iryna Kohut and Marianna Stefaniw.

Friday – Marika Cuda, Mary Hughes, Iryna Bongiorni and Osyp Galawyn.

Those who served behind the bar:

Peter Bongiorni, Idramore Cuda, Viktor Voytinow, Edward Bojunsky and Maxim Panasenko.

Those who setup the function centre and bar:

Stephan Chomyn, Viktor Voytinow, Tomas Miljenovic and Peter Bongiorni.

Entry tickets & lottery ticket sales:

Peter Bongiorni, Marika Cuda, Marianna Stefaniw, Lesia Stefaniw, Lisa Chomyn, Christina Chomyn and Katelyn Carol.

Our performers in the Vertep about Malanka:

Svitlana Yarosh, Olga Vitsentiy, Maryna Popowych, Volodymir Popowych, Oleg Zocchi, Oksana Kovtun, Yaroslav Vatslaviy, Bohdan Mykhalovitch, Viktor Voytinow, Alla Yarosh, Bohdan Kovtun, Vitkor Litvin, Natalya Popowych, Olesya Popowych, Olivia Mykhalovitch, Laura Mykhalovitch, Nadia Sapun and Olya Sapun.

Our young singer:

Alla Yarosh.

Our DJ:

Markiyan Wojewidka.

Our Local Ukrainian band:

Mark Chomyn, Stephan Chomyn and Tomas Miljenovic.

Special thanks to Mark Chomyn for entertaining us.

We are very proud of the fact that all the entertainment for the evening was performed by members from our Ukrainian Community of Queensland,

Special thanks to our photographer:

Nicholas Stefaniw – for taking all the photographs throughout the evening for our website.

Please enjoy viewing the photos below from our MALANKA 2014 event: