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UCQ Photo Exhibition 2018
April 9, 2018

Dear Members and Friends,

We will be hosting the UCQ Photo Exhibition this year on the 7th July 2018!

We are proposing to have the following categories for competition:

  • Professionals and amateurs – please, decide on this yourselves in a spirit of sportsmanship and advise what category you would like to be exhibited in.
  • Adult and Youth (under 15 years) categories.
  • Non-competing category – these photos will not be judged.

Within the competing categories we will have the following subsections:

  • Nature (animals, flowers, landscapes etc)
  • People/Portraits
  • Architecture
  • Funny/Cute
  • General

Within non-competing category there are the following subsections:

  • General – anything you want
  • Story

The new category “Story” is being introduced to enable photographers explain in a short – up to 1/3 of a page description – why the submitted photo is important to you. These stories can be about ordinary things, that for whatever reason captured your attention, or some events that have changed your opinion, life or attitude.

Please, be aware that the following rules must be adhered to:

  1. Photos can be of any size up to A4. Size A3 will not be accepted.
  2. One entry per person in a category. You may submit a photo to each category. Please, provide clear indication in what category you would like to have your photo exhibited.
  3. Photos of children should be provided only with the explicit (written) permission of their parent/guardians.
  4. Photos should be supplied on time. The cut-off date for sending your exhibits is 15 June. Please ensure your envelopes are clearly marked “Photos – Do Not Bend – Handle With Care”.

Last year we accepted some pictures that didn’t comply with rules, but this year we will be stricter and won’t do this. So be careful with the format and timing.

We would also like your permission to post these photos on Facebook and our website after the competition – please advise us if you do not consent to this.

We will advise you on the process of submissions shortly.

As we are a very democratic community organisation, we will use the following rules:

  • All photos will be exhibited anonymously, with the names known only to the organising committee (Adam and Nataliya).
  • Photos will only be identified by random numbers.
  • The audience will choose their favourites by putting their preferences on ballot papers – the First, Second and Third places will be those that receive the highest numbers of votes.
  • The organising committee will also award a special diploma outside those voting preferences – it will be decided on the day what the conditions will be. For example, for either the youngest or oldest participant; the most original or funniest photo; or whatever we decide on the night – the hard working committee has to have some fun too!

Food and drinks:
The bar will be open and light snacks, coffee and cakes will be provided for an additional charge.

Entry will be $5 to cover the costs of running the exhibition/competition.

Please, let us know if we missed anything. Happy to listen to your suggestions on how to conduct the exhibition/competition or what additional activities you would like to see. This is people’s power at its best!

Looking forward to your applications,

Nataliya Murad & Adam Miljenovic
UCQ Photo Exhibition 2018 Organisers