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Press Release: UCQ Responds to Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine
February 24, 2022

The Ukrainian Community of Queensland Inc. (UCQ) is alarmed and horrified by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine today.

“It is hard to believe that anybody could desire war, let alone rewrite history or fabricate justification for bloodshed. We support the sovereignty and the people of Ukraine.” said UCQ President, Peter Bongiorni.

Through the Ukraine Crisis Appeal, the UCQ will seek to send aid as required to support the humanitarian effort.

They also welcome the actions of the Commonwealth of Australia in sanctioning those who support this war.

“We are also grateful that the Prime Minister and Immigration Minister have prioritised visa processing for any Ukrainians with a connection to Australia.We urge any of our community members who wish to apply for a visa for their loved ones to do so.” Mr Bongiorni said.

They also wish for the wider Australian community join them in condemning the needless violence, bloodshed and terror that Putin’s regime strives to create.

If you wish to support the UCQ, we will be holding two rallies:

A rally at 3pm on Friday 25th February 2022 in Brisbane’s King George Square.

A rally at 12pm on Sunday 6th March 2022 in Brisbane’s King George Square.

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Issued on 24/02/2022